Better Delete Revision v1.0 – WordPress Plugin

Better Delete Revision is based on the old “Delete Revision” plugin but it is compatible with latest WordPress 3.0.1 and has implemented better new features (it is also better then Revision Removal plugin).
It does not only delete old redundant revisions of post from Database, it also delete every other content related to the revision, like post meta, tags, relationship and so on.

Your current published post will never be touched! wordpress plugin

Your database will be optimized and all waste will be trashed ! In this way, your database will be lighter and small. This is the better optimization of your database you can do to speed up and make faster your WordPress.

Revision Post is the new features of WordPress ver 2.6 and above. Every time you made a change to your post or page, it will automatic save add a revision, just like a draft. As many as you made change, the more revision you will have in your database. It will not only increase your database size, but also increase your load time as the server need more time to access the database. If you modify many times, it will be a very frightening number! If you have 100 published posts, your revisiong may be as many as 1,000 articles!

Better Delete Revision manager is your choice to remove all the revisions quickly to help you to increase the speed of implementation of the SQL statement, and increase the speed of your server load.

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